Adha & Joy 10

Every year, Ghiras Al-Nahda launches “Adha and Joy” Campaign in light of the difficult living conditions and the basic need for food, through which we seek to secure the largest possible amount of Sacrifice (sheep) to provide fresh meat to the most vulnerable families and families in need in the camps of northern Syria. We also seek to provide Eid clothes for children, especially orphans, in addition to distributing Eid pocket money and holding Eid parties during the days of the blessed Eid.

In Ghiras Al-Nahda, we are always working to provide all possible ways to make the aid and contributions of our valued donors reach their deserving people in Syria with the highest quality and honesty by choosing and slaughtering sacrifices according to the right Islamic way and health conditions and distributing their meat to the families in need.

The general goal of the campaign

Distributing sacrifices meat to the most vulnerable families of the targeted camp residents who are deprived of the minimum necessities of living, in addition to distributing Eid clothes and Eid pocket money to children and orphans.

Campaign Activities:

1) Sacrifice

slaughtering 100 sacrifices and distributing their fresh meat portions to about 1250 families in several camps.

Activity cost: After calculating the cost of the price with slaughter and cutting into portions and delivery to the camps in refrigerators, an amount of 225$ per sheep was decided

Sacrifice Specifications:

  • The average weight of a sheep is between 50 and 55 kg, should be (Awassi) sheep between 8 months to 15 months old.
  • To be in good health and free from epidemic diseases transmitted to humans (such as brucellosis – salmonella – scabies).
  • The sheep should be healthy and free from defects and from any congenital anomalies such as (lameness – blindness – broken horn – curved back) that is, in conformity with the legal Islamic specifications of the sacrifice.
  • The sheep should have light and clean wool and no sores, emaciation or worms can be seen in it.

Distribution mechanism and form of assistance:

  • Weighing and slaughtering the sacrifice and documenting it in the name of the donor. A picture of the weighing process and a 10-second video of the slaughter process.
  • Cut the sacrifice into portions, where the portions are weighed in bags according to the number of members of each family, considering that the content of the portion is appropriate in terms of the amount of meat and fat with bone for all portions fairly.
  • The entire process is monitored, starting with weighing, slaughtering, and cutting to the process of distribution to the beneficiaries.
  • The portions are placed in a car equipped with a refrigerator to transport the meat to the targeted camps.
  • Each family receives its portions in its place of residence.

Meat rations will be distributed to families according to the number of family members as follows:

Family Members

The weight of the portion per family


1.5 KG


2 KG


2.5 KG


2) The activity of the joy of Eid:

The Eid activity aims to bring joy and pleasure to the children in camps, especially orphans, by providing Eid clothes to 100 children and holding Eid party, which targets 100 children: boys and girls, in which we do a lot of fun activities and provide Eid food. We also give Eid pocket money to 500 children.
  1. Eid clothes

Purchase and distribution of new Eid clothes for children at a cost of about $25 per child.

  1. Eid pocket money

Pocket money will be sealed in an envelope and distributed to the children at a cost of $5 per child.

  1. Eid party

Organizing interactive activities in Eid Hall, in addition to the various Eid foods that children love, at a cost of $10 per child.