Humanitarian campaigns in Ghiras Al-Nahda

Every donation will make a huge difference in their lives

When the blessed Eid Al-Adha arrives, the value and importance of sacrifice and giving are renewed in our hearts. Sacrifice is not just a religious ritual; it is an opportunity to encourage solidarity and cooperation among people, and to promote a spirit of brotherhood and love within the community.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran: ” It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah, but it is Taqwa from you that reaches Him.” (Surah Al-Hajj: 37)

In northwest Syria, many families and communities are suffering from difficult life conditions and continuous deprivation. Approximately 4.5 million people are living in poverty (more than 90% of households are in need of assistance according to HNO 2023).

Donations of sacrifices play a vital role in meeting their basic needs and alleviating their suffering. They provide them with the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal and enhance well-being and joy during the days of Eid.


Additionally, donating for sacrifices contributes to providing food resources for needy and displaced families, as 1.8 million people have been living in tents for over 10 years.

In challenging circumstances, sacrifices become an important source of protein-rich and nutritious food, improving the health and nutrition of individuals.

Generous giving and participation in this noble act enhance social cohesion and the noble human spirit. Sacrifices can bring happiness and hope to the hearts of others and alleviate some of their suffering. They also reflect our noble Islamic values and promote a spirit of solidarity and cooperation in our society.

Let us collaborate together and make this Eid an opportunity to promote goodness and mercy. Let us work together to alleviate suffering and bring hope to the hearts of people in the war-affected region of northwest Syria.

Adha and Joy 11 Campaign Activities and Services:

To distribute sacrificial meat to the most vulnerable families in the targeted camps who are deprived of basic living essentials, in addition to distributing Eid clothes and gifts to children and orphans.


Slaughtering 100 sacrifice and distributing fresh meat portions to approximately 1,250 families in several camps.

Activity Cost: After calculating the price including the cost of the animal, slaughter, and cutting into portions, as well as transportation to the camp in a refrigerated truck, the price has been set at $290 per male sheep (Awassi) & 200$ per female sheep (ewe).

Specifications for the Sacrifice whether it’s male or female:

It must meet the following specifications according to the approved standards:

  • Weight; Average weight of the sheep: 50 kg
  • Age: The sheep should be between 8 to 15 months old.
  • Health conditions: The sheep should be in good health and free from transmissible diseases to humans.
  • Safety: The sheep should be healthy, free from defects, and without any congenital abnormalities (such as lameness, blindness, broken horn, humped back, etc.), complying with the religious specifications for sacrificial animals.
  • Wool: The sheep’s wool should be light, clean, and free from sores, emaciation, or worms. The wool must be in good condition and not show any health problems or unwanted signs.


Distribution Mechanism and Form of Assistance:

  • Weighing the animals and documenting them with the donor’s name, including a photo of the weighing process and a 10-second video of the slaughter.
  • Cutting the animals into portions, where the portions are weighed and packed in bags according to the number of family members. The content of each portion is carefully considered to ensure an appropriate quantity of meat, fat, and bones, distributed fairly among all the portions.
  • The entire process is monitored, starting from weighing, then slaughtering and cutting, and finally distributing the meat to the beneficiaries.
  • The portions are placed in a vehicle equipped with a refrigerated container for transportation to the targeted camps.
  • Each family receives their designated portion at their place of residence.


The distribution of meat portions (including bones) to families will be based on the following criteria:

Number of family members

Portion weight per family


1.5 kg


2 kg


3 kg


For the sacrifice of a male sheep (ram)
For the sacrifice of female sheep (sheep)

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Contact Mrs. Hala - Communications Officer at Ghiras Al-Nahda
Eid al-Adha activities

Joy of Eid

Eid Clothing:

Purchase and distribution of new clothing for 100 boys and girls at a cost of approximately $25 per child. Goal: $2500

Cost: 25$ per child

11% funded

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Eid party

Organize interactive activities and provide diverse favorite foods for 100 boys and girls at a cost of $10 per child. Goal: $1000

Cost: 10$ per child.

1% funded

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Donation Total: $10.00

Eid pocket money:

Pocket money will be placed in sealed envelopes and distributed to 500 boys and girls at a cost of $5 per child. Goal: $2500

Cost: 5$ per child.

7% funded

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Donation Total: $5.00

Every year, Ghiras Al-Nahda launches Adha & Joy campaign amidst challenging living conditions and the basic need for food. The aim is to provide assistance to our displaced people in northern Syria, where we strive to secure the maximum amount of sacrificial meat (sheep and cows) to deliver it fresh to the most needy and deprived families in the camps of northern Syria.


Additionally, we endeavor to bring the joy of Eid to the hearts of our children in northern Syria, particularly the orphans. This is achieved by providing them with Eid clothes, distributing gifts, and organizing Eid parties for them during the Eid days.


Documentation provided to donors upon request:

  1. Sacrificial Animals: Donors receive a photo of the animal on the scale and a short video of the slaughtering process within 24 hours of the sacrifice, in addition to photos of the distribution process.
  2. Eid Celebration Activity: Photos and videos.


Campaign Work Areas:

Idlib countryside and northern Aleppo countryside.



At Ghiras Al-Nahda, we work towards providing all services and activities to our people in Syria, ensuring that the generous donations reach their deserving recipients with the highest quality and integrity. We carefully select and slaughter the sacrifices in accordance with Islamic requirements, and then distribute the meat to the most needy families during Eid Al-Adha.



Ghiras Al-Nahda and You were and will forever be with our people in Northern Syria.

You can always make happiness or ease suffering, be with us

Pictures from the Adha and Joy 10 campaign (last year)