Ahmad, the young man

Ahmad, a young man from the city of Deir Al-Zour, was badly injured during an airstrike targeting his city. He suffered from loss of bone in his right foot making his entire leg shorter, which left him disabled and caused him severe pain.

He later moved to Turkey and was admitted to Dar Al-Ihsan center which offers free accommodation to Syrian refugees seeking medical care in Turkey. Ahmad was in urgent need for surgeries in addition to walking crutches to help him walk afterwards.

We met with Ahmad during one of our visits to the center,and after evaluating his condition, we were able to raise sufficient funds to let him undergo the required surgeries and provide all required medical supplies – thanks to the generosity of donors like you!

Within 6 months both surgeries were completed, and despite all the pain the suffering, Ahmad was determined to walk normally and start his life again. With a lot of persistence and adequate physiotherapy, Ahmad was able to make it and walk like a normal person! He later enrolled in a computer training course and told us about his plans to start college and make a step towards his future career.