Hard work pays off!

From a very poor refugee family comes Mohammad, a brilliant young man who fled his home city (Homs) after it was heavily bombed and moved to live in the city of Gaziantep along with his family.

Despite achieving very high grades in high school, Mohammad could not make it into college due to his family’s poor financial situation. He needed to undertake a qualifying course (YUS) that would allow him to be admitted to college.

When we visited Mohammad and his family, we noticed his enthusiasm towards education and his passion to pursue a higher education degree in Interior Design.

We were very excited to raise funds for Mohammad, and with generous contributions from our donors, we were able to enroll him in the required course and waited patiently for his results.

With full determination, Mohammad completed the course successfully and was admitted to the Interior Design program at the University of Sikarya. We are very proud of Mohammad’s achievement and have no doubt that he will shine and lead a successful career!