The difficulties and challenges of living conditions in northern Syria are endless. Starting from expensive life expenses and difficulties in securing daily needs of food, especially with the continuous bread crisis, and the instability of Turkish Lira exchange rate to US Dollar, which is forcing many families to reduce their daily food consumption.

To make Syrians in northern Syria feel that we are by their side, even in the tiniest life challenges, we relaunched A loaf of Bread campaign, which aims to contribute to securing food security for people in northern Syria’s camps, by providing bread which is one of the basic daily needs of food in Syria.

Ghiras Al-Nahda team will target the residents of Al-Dahuk Camp located in Maarat Tamsrin in Idlib, which has a population of 522 people, who we will be covering their daily needs of bread for one month.

A donation of 5$, is the value of around 300 grams of bread that covers the daily needs of bread per person for one month, according to the Food Security Cluster Standards.

Campaign details:

Campaign launch date: 17-12-2021

Current campaign goal: $10,000

Place of implementation: Al-Dahuk camp in Idlib

Package price: $5 for one bag of bread, weighing 300 grams, per person.

If you encounter any problem during the donation process, please contact us directly.

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