Ramadan Campaign 10

For the tenth year in a row, Ghiras Al-Nahda launches Ghiras Ramadan Campaign during the blessed month of Ramadan (2022) to support families in Northern Syria and provide aid to the most vulnerable groups in addition to the families of martyrs and orphaned children who endure great suffering in refugee camps.

Humanitarian situation in Northwest Syria:

For over 10 years, the humanitarian crisis in Northern Syria continues to be one of the largest in the world. The local economy continues to decline leading to currency depreciation, price inflation on all basic goods, higher unemployment rate and increase in personal debt for most people. This is coupled with the adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic which continue to affect many countries around the world.

More than 3 million people in Northwest Syria are still in need of urgent humanitarian aid, especially those living in over 1,400 refugee camps which host around 1.72 million people, 80% of whom are women and children.

Statistics indicate that families headed by women, elderly and people with disabilities are still the most affected, since children are forced to drop out of school and work at an early age to provide for their families.

85% of the population depend on borrowing to fulfill basic expenses, while 60% suffer from food insecurity. Dwarfism has increased to 4%, acute malnutrition rates have risen to 29%, while moderate malnutrition has reached 45%. These rates are considered very high and continue to increase year by year.

Ghiras Ramadan 10 Campaign activities and services:

iftar Meals

Daily cooked Iftar (breaking of fast) meals will be offered including a special Ramadan drink. Each meal weighs around 2 kilograms and is sufficient for an average family of five. Target: 400 families in 4 camps located in Idlib suburbs

Meals offered: • Meat (lamb/beef) Mandi (Cooked meat with rice) • Chicken Kabsah (Cooked chicken with rice) • Chicken Freekeh (Cooked chicken with green durum wheat) • Meat (lamb/beef) Freekeh (Cooked meat with green durum wheat) • Mexican chicken with rice • Cooked rice with peas and ground meat (beef/lamb)

Cost: $5.00 per family meal

Ramadan Basket

A Ramadan food basket will be offered to families depending on the number of family members, where every member receives $12 of value for the entire month to cover for their basic food needs. The execution will be through the smart e-voucher system which enables families to select from over 100 food items available at nearby stores.

For remote camps that do not have access to food stores, a physical food basket will be offered for every family.


  • $60 per physical basket for an average family of five.
  • $12 per person through smart e-voucher.

Ramadan Suhoor Basket

A Ramadan Suhoor basket containing dry food items will be offered to families on a weekly basis. $25 per family of five, for five days.

Value: $25 per family of five, for five days.

Iftar Dates

A few dates and a bottle of water will be offered at Maghrib (sunset) to people on the road so they can break their fast.

Cost: $1 per person


Zakat money is offered to most vulnerable families, typically headed by a woman, child, elderly, or disabled person.Preference is given to families of orphans or members with chronic illnesses,

where each family will receive $100 of Zakat money during the month of Ramadan.

Cost: $100

per family (one payment)

Zakat Al-Fitr

Zakat Al-Fitr donation are accepted from all over the world (exact value depends on the country of residence of the doner) and offered to eligible families. In Turkey, Zakat Al-Fitr is equal to 40 Turkish Lira which is equivalent to $3.

Value: 3$ in Turkey

Orphan Grant

Many doner prefer to allocate their donations during the blessed month of Ramadan to orphans. An orphan grant of $100 will offered to unsponsored orphans who do not receive regular donations.This includes orphans who have previously been sponsored and stopped receiving donations for the past 3 months. to help them with basic expenses during the month of Ramadan

Cost: 100$

Eid al-Fitr activities

The joy of Eid

Eid clothing

Eid clothing will be offered to children in Northern Syria so they can feel the joy of Eid. Suitable clothing will be offered to boys and girls including pants, shirt/t-shirt, and shoes.

Target: 400 children.

Cost: $25 per child.

Eid party

Eid days are days of joy and happiness that children look forward to throughout the year. Eid celebration party will be organized in one of the orphanages where gifts will be given and special activities will be organized by our Child Protection specialist team.

Target: 200 orphaned children.

Cost: $10 per child.


One of the favorite traditions of Eid for children where each child will be given a small cash grant (pocket money) so they can buy candy or toys of their liking.

Target: 1,000 children.

Amount: $5 per child.

For PAYPAL Donations

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