“Your Zakah, where it needs to be”

GAN Ramadan Campaign 9

Zaid bin Khalid narrated that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said: Whoever provides the food for a fasting person to break his fast with, then for him is the same reward as the fasting person, without anything being diminished from the reward of the fasting person.

Ramadan in Northern Syria:

As Ramadan approaches, all eyes turn to the affected areas in Northern Syria where people suffer from poor economic and social conditions. The region has witnessed internal displacement of people from areas near the fire front lines towards the boarders with Turkey. . The latest statistics (published in February 2021) estimate the number of internally displaced Syrians to be around 2.75 million people, out of which 1.7 million live in refugee camps. They suffer from poor living conditions and are faced with the fear of the spreading corona virus. This has caused many observers to warn from the increasing risk of starvation in the region.

As we launch our 9th Ramadan campaign, we work hard to provide essential food for the people in need after assessing the current situation in coordination with other working teams in the region. Our campaign will ensure the Zakah and charity funds coming from all over the world reach the people who need it the most in Northern Syria.

Campaign Objectives

We seek to provide food for 1000 needy families in four camps in Northern Syria. The campaign will provide sufficient food for Suhoor and Iftar meals throughout the entire month with an estimated value of US$ 100,000.

What do we provide for families in GAN Ramadan 9 Campaign

Ramadan basket 40$

A food basket weighing 46 kilograms of basic food supplies enough for a family of 5-7 members.

Ramadan Suhoor basket $25

This basket contains ready-to-eat canned food with 10 kilograms of eggs. The items have been carefully chosen so that they provide high nutritional value

Iftar meal $5

A nutritious cooked meal sufficient for 5 to 7 people offered hot with drinking yogurt at the time of Iftar.

Just 1 date $1

We will also provide dates and drinking water on a daily basis at major intersections for people to break their fast

Ramadan basket ($40)

ITEM Qnt Unit
Chinese short grain rice 12 KG
Turkish bulgur 10 KG
Turkish noodle 5 KG
Turkish flour 2 KG
White sugar 5 KG
Turkish Sunflower Oil 4 Liter
Turkish salt (iodized) 1 KG
Red split lentil 1 KG
Turkish tomato Paste 2 KG
Turkish Chickpea 1 KG
Turkish vermicelli 1 KG
brown lentils 1 KG
olive oil 1 Liter

Ramadan Suhoor basket ($25)

ITEM Qnt Unit
Fava beans (canned) 360 gr 2 Piece
Chickpeas (canned) 400 gr 2 Piece
Mortadella of poultry meat (canned ) 225 gr 4 Piece
Tuna (canned) 160 gr 2 Piece
Red thyme with sesame 0.5 KG
Cheese spread (canned) 500 gr 2 Piece
Labneh spread (canned) 500 gr 1 Piece
Halva (canned) 2 Piece
Dates 1 KG
Apricot jam 1 KG
Black olives 1 KG
Dry tea (canned) 250 gr 1 Piece
A box of 30 eggs 1 Piece

Campaign Timeline

  • Ramadan starts: 13 April 2021
  • Ramadan ends: 12 May 2021
  • Campaign launch date: 01-11-2020 31 March 2021
  • Campaign closing date: 20 May 2021

Beneficiaries of Ghiras Al- Nahda’s previous Ramadan Campaigns (Total of 8):

  • 81,033 Men
  • 121,550 Women
  • 303,872 Child
  • $1,496,786 Fund