Humanitarian Situation

For the tenth consecutive year, the humanitarian situation remains to be quite harsh and complex in Northern Syria where 4.1 million people reside including 2.7 million internally displaced persons. The humanitarian needs in Northern Syria continue to grow because of the long-lasting war, continued bombing, deteriorating economic situation and the challenges brought by COVID-19.

Winter Campiagn

In an attempt of alleviate the suffering of the most needy families during the winter season, GAN is launching the Winter Campaign 9 for the year 2021-2022 in order provide food and shelter for the affected families during this harsh season.

Campiagn Objectives:

  • Respond to the needs of the affected families in Northern Syria based on the current situation.
  • Provide relief against extreme weather conditions that have caused dozens of deaths in the past years including floods, windstorms, and extremely low temperatures.
  • The response includes providing:
    • Provide heating supplies (wood, charcoal, gas) to the affected families during the winter season (3 months).
    • Provide appropriate winter clothing for kids (includes hat, scarf, and winter coat).

Campaign Details

  • Launch date: 15-11-2021
  • End date: 01-03-2022
  • Area of execution: North-western Syria – Camps at western Idlib
  • Number of beneficiaries of previous winter campaigns: 820.000 persons
  • Funds raised for previous winter campaign 2.492.340$